Fenetre Partners

Office Location: Tokyo, Japan
Address: Roppongi Mikawadai Bldg. 7F 4-8-7, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan
Members: Satoshi Takayama and Yasushi Hasegawa
Tel: +81-3-6863-3809
Fax: +81-3-4496-6035
Email: info@fenetre.co.jp
Website: http://www.fenetre.co.jp

Company Description

Fenetre Partners is a leading consulting company for trade, investment, and international marketing, based in Tokyo, Japan. The role of the company is to serve as a bridge that connects international businesses with Japan and the global market, providing various clients mainly from the U.S. and Europe, with market research, market entry strategy, local partner & distributor searches, trade support, while also acting as representatives for marketing & sales when needed. Its clients are both foreign companies looking to enter the Japanese market and Japanese companies aspiring to go global in various industries including, but not limited to, industrial machinery, components, consumer goods, food, pharmaceuticals, software, alternative energy, fashion and food service.

The firm has a unique and strong capability of implementation of marketing & sales in high-tech sectors such as automotive, construction machinery, medical devices, factory automation, etc. in Japan. In a word, it conducts marketing & sales activities including pre- and post-sales technical support in Japan on behalf of its clients which are mainly components and equipment suppliers. The firm has deep insights and many contacts with key persons in those high-tech industries.

As regards their track record in the public sector, the company has represented Pennsylvania since 2010 in the area of FDI attraction and, since 2013, Virginia as an authorized trade consultant supporting export growth from Virginia. Since 2016 it also has worked for Business Birmingham on investment promotion attraction.

Founded in 2008, Fenetre Partners employs 20 staff members, represents 16 foreign organizations in Japan and has conducted over 200 international projects in the past 9 years.

Member/Principle Biography:

Satoshi Takayama has over 15 years' experience in Japanese industrial market as an engineering marketing and sales professional for European and American companies. He established Fenetre Partners in 2008 and has worked for mainly machinery and components suppliers from the US and Germany for their market entry into Japan. He earned B.A. Mechanical Engineering from Waseda University and also is an MBA at Manchester Business School. He is also an authorized representative of Japan Investment office, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Yasushi Hasegawa is a business development consultant having over 20 years' experience in Japanese market. Prior to founding Fenetre Partners, he has conducted over 100 projects in such industries as food, IT, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, logistics, video games, retailing and food service. He has conducted over 100 market entry and trade projects between Japan and global markets since 2008. He earned his B.A. in Commerce from Waseda University and EMBA from Hult International. He is also an authorized trade consultant of the Commonwealth of Virginia and an authorized representative of Japan investment office of Marketing Birmingham.