Sweden / Scandinavia

Eastnet Business Development AB

Office Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Address: Siltgrӓnd 3, S-178 40 Ekerӧ Sweden
Members: Henrik Hjelm
Tel: +46 (0) 8 704 80 93
Email: henrik.hjelm@eastnet.se
Website: http://www.eastnet.se

Company Description

Eastnet Business Development AB Ltd, (www.eastnet.se) was established in 2005. They assist companies and organisations with expert guidance and active consultation to ensure successful growth in the Swedish and Scandinavian markets.

Eastnet is owned and managed by Henrik Hjelm who has long and solid experience in business development in Scandinavia spanning more than 20 years. In addition to providing business consulting to individual companies, Henrik has, as a project manager, taken the lead on several government sponsored industrial development projects with a large number of participating companies. Henrik speaks Swedish (also applicable in Norway and Denmark), English, German and Russian.

Eastnet Business Development AB has solid experience in developing business for a large number of foreign companies in the Scandinavian market. For example, Eastnet has provided services as consultants for export to the Swedish market for a large group of 50+ Portuguese food producers within three EU financed business development projects during 2016-2017. Eastnet has also provided consulting services to a large number of individual foreign companies regarding market introduction and establishment on the Scandinavian market. Major sectors of experience are: Life Sciences, Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Cleantech, Food, Furniture and Garden, ICT, Consumer Goods, Textiles and Clothing.

Member/Principle Biography:

Henrik Hjelm is the Director of Eastnet Business Development AB. He started his career within trade as a private entrepreneur in 1994 doing trade between Sweden and the Baltic States as well as with Russia within consumer goods. In 1996 he moved to the U.S. to work as an IT management consultant for a large American consulting agency. Henrik remained in IT as a consultant until 2002, when he returned to International business development with focus on the Baltic Sea region and Russia. He did this as a project manager at the Stockholm County Administrative Board and the Swedish Agency for Regional and Economic Growth. In 2005, Henrik started the company Eastnet and has since then performed consulting and operative business development for a large number of companies on the Scandinavian markets and in Russia. In addition to consulting, Henrik has lectured widely on International trade and export at chambers of commerce and several other institutions. He has an MSc in business administration and economics from Stockholm School of Economics and has taken complementary courses in German, Russian and psychology at the Stockholm and Linkoping Universities.