Our most commonly requested services are listed below. Certain clients may require unique and/or highly customized services. We evaluate these request on a case-by-case basis. Some services may vary by region.

Export Assistance Services

  • Company/Product Assessment and Marketability Review
  • Market Identification
  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Market Entry Strategy & Goal Setting
  • Market Development
  • Client Representation
  • Agent, Distributor & Partner/Joint Venture Searches
  • Logistical Support
  • Business Advisory Services/International Trade Consulting
  • Tradeshow Identification and Representation/Participation Including Logistical Support
  • Document Review, including Marketing Materials for language translation accuracy and appropriateness

Value Added Services

  • On the ground assistance
  • Meetings and one-on-one appointments
  • Local transportation, translators, medical assistance, emergencies
  • Accompanying client on either selected or all visits in the region
  • Briefings on security issues while in country, local business practices and other pertinent information
  • Hotel accommodation or providing recommendations
  • Investment Assistance
  • Locating investors for your location
  • Qualifying potential investors
  • Event hosting
  • Equity raising / matching investors to project requirements

Our clients are welcome to utilise our in-country facilities for tasks such as:

  • Voice mail, fax machine, photocopying, Internet access
  • In-house video-conferencing
  • Meetings and staff assistance *Where Available