IBG Global's Mission

To help our clients experience consistent growth, profitability and organizational stability through their expansion into international markets. In so doing we will strengthen our clients global competitive position, make available the products and services of our clients to a global audience and support job creation at our client firms.

An Effective Strategy

We partner with our clients on an outsourced basis to:

  • Provide the client with a highly expert and tenured team of trade professionals, all of whom reside within their particular region of the world, as on the ground staff operating from our network of international offices.
  • Leverage this expertise to work on behalf of our clients as a dedicated outsourced international research, strategy and business development team.
  • Apply this existing global presence, cultural, political, economic and local market understanding and extensive network of local contacts, towards getting results for our clients much more quickly and effectively than would otherwise be realized or possible.

Our Goals

Develop results-driven relationships with our clients to:

  • Expand client expertise in global market development
  • Quickly establish an international presence for our clients
  • Accelerate client-international market penetration
  • Reduce client up-front financial risk and cut unnecessary overhead costs
  • Minimize client-international business development risk
  • Reduce client exposure to regionalized economic cycles
  • Consistently grow client revenues from international markets
  • Increase client ROI